We are collecting HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE scrap from Industries, houses and environment.

After all these plastic wastes collected in our own plants we sort and wash them. Finally we convert them to HDPE - LDPE - LLDPE granule raw materials.

The quality policy of Ersoplast is to provide every product to the customer as a desired standards and to offer products according to the wishes of its customers.

All business processes are carried out with this approach and quality standards are never compromised.

We set up ERP system in our plant. Our QC operations, sales activities, accounting and customer service are computurised and recored. By this way, we can track each box of product from material to end.

Ersoplast is respectful to the environment, water and soil and is aware of its social responsibilities. It creates space for a sustainable environment at every stage of production. Ersoplast continues to develop new ideas to protect nature

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