ERSOPLAST is a company which is managed with world-class corporate governance. All officials responsible for management and production have common values within the principles of "CORPORATE GOVERNANCE". These values are to use the resources in an efficient and value-generating structure for the benefit of the organization, to develop the issues within the scope of the job descriptions and to manage the change with skill, to increase the motivation of the employees in order to increase their duty responsibilities and disciplines, to provide added value to the society within the to provide added value to the society within the framework of corporate social responsibilities of corporate social responsibilities, to maintain a transparent, fair, consistent and flexible company structure, to offer all promises to customers with promised conditions and timings.

Since it’s establishment, ERSOPLAST has adopted a customer-oriented corporate structure as a principle to produce services with a fair, ethical and consistent business approach. It is an indispensable principle of ERSOPLAST to provide the same quality and service to all companies without any distinction.

We want to develop ERSOPLAST a leading brand in the international arena with the objectives of increasing customer satisfaction, creating a new and more stable market structure, turning to higher value-added products and increasing exports.

We are collecting plastic scraps from households, Industry and environment. After all these plastic wastes collected in our own plants we wash them and conver to Polyethylene Raw Material such as HDPE - LDPE - LLDPE.

These raw materials are sold to producers who want to produce environmentally friendly products. But we mainly use these recycled materials in our own plant to produce garbage bags. This is a system we called closed loop. %98 of our production is made from recycled sources.

We offer environmentally friendly solutions for environmentally friendly products.

Shrink film, PE bags, Safety strips and all kinds of printed / unprinted plastic packaging are produced in our facilities.

We are able to use original or recycled raw materials in all our packaging products. In this way, the main goal of our company is to produce products that are more respectful to nature and more affordable.

We are the most innovative company in our field which constantly follows the developing technologies in order to provide innovation in packaging materials and to produce our products with the latest technology.

How much you care nature is about what you do for it.

We produce garbage bags of all sizes, colors, printed and unprinted, Roll - Pleated Roll - Bulk.

Our Ersopack brand produce different types of garbage bags.These are Medical waste care, Domestic Waste, Glass waste, Domestic and Industrial group garbage bags. We also produce bags for councils nad local authorities. In addition, we produce retail type garbage bags to market in retail sector.

We are one of the biggest garbage bag producer in the Turkey with 1000 tons/month capacity. We export 90% of our production and offer green solutions to the world.